Rencontre improbable

Rencontres improbables - Manifestations et événements - Mairie.

Although ICT have created hope for a shared pluralistic world, democratic principles are far from being respected in the public dital environment, and require a detailed knowledge of the laws by which they are governed.

Pride film, 2014 — pédia

Von Foerster's conjecture is one of the early theoretical results that could help to understand these laws.

<b>Rencontres</b> <b>improbables</b> - Manifestations et événements - Mairie.

Pride une rencontre improbable - ICI

Although neglected since a long time, the advent of the overlying layer of recommendation and ranking mechanisms which is progressively occupying the Web has given empirical evidences of this conjecture, which predicts the consequences of increasing inter-individual influences on social dynamics and the susceptibility of these latter to manipulation.

<b>Rencontres</b> <b>improbables</b> - Manifestations et événements - Mairie.
En couple et tous deux diabétiques une rencontre improbable.

With both von Foerster's conjecture and the Snowden revelations in the background, we analyse the impact of ICT on human societies and their governance, in view of the fact that they have a massive impact on the way in which people influence each other in their tastes and actions.PRIDE UNE RENCONTRE IMPROBABLE - Bande-annonce VF.

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